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Abest Scale Company is an independent dealer that is owned and operated by service technicians, not sales people. That means we are able to offer our customers the very best weighing solutions to fit your needs, not just meet a sales quota. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with the equipment to get your business or product moving effectively and efficiently. Abest Scale offers a wide variety of weighing equipment for every application including, but not limited to:
  • Laboratory and analytical balances
  • Electronic and mechanical scales
  • Postal and shipping scales
  • Bench and counting scales
  • Warehouse and floor scales
  • In motion checkweighers
  • Automated batching & filling systems
  • Hoppers and tank scales
  • Database systems
  • Fork lift scales
  • Overhead Crane scales
  • In motion Conveyor scales
  • Retail scales
  • Truck/vehicle scales
  • Ticket, tape, and label printers
  • Barcode / label readers
  • Aviation and Cargo scales
  • Airline and Baggage scales


Scale repairs and service are the heart of our business. We dispatch quality, trained, and certified technicians throughout the greater Chicago land area offering full service on scales of all types, makes, and models. Our repair services are unmatched by any one else in the area. We are one of the few companies that can still service large mechanical bases and troubleshoot new state of the art equipment. When your equipment is down and you need immediate assistance, we offer same day service. Whether you need repairs on a gram scale, bench top/counting scale, conveyor scale, hopper scale, forklift scale, truck scale, or printer, contact us today.
Scales & weighing equipment repairs
Scales & weighing equipment calibration

Calibration Services

In addition to repairs, Abest Scale also offers calibration and preventative maintenance inspections on all makes and models of weighing equipment. We will come out to your facility at any regular interval of your choice, to test, calibrate, and certify your equipment to be accurate and functional. We have a large variety of test weights and equipment, and also offer documentation and calibration reports to satisfy all your quality control needs. Whether you need a 1-time calibration, or are ready to have preventative maintenance plan custom tailored to fit your needs, call or contact us today.

We have a long history and superior reputation for servicing industries such as parts manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical, pharmacutical, steel, scrap metal, plastics, molding, freight and logistics, health care, and an array of specilized industies. We continue to offer businesses the most dependable services of all makes and models including but not limited to, on-site repairs, calibration, prevenitive maintenance, custom application engineering, rentals, inventory control and support, on-site training, and compliance to all of our customers ISO needs.


Have an inventory coming up and need counting / weighing scales to take care of it? Need a temporary vehicle scale set up? We can help! We can provide you with the bench top, portable, dual counting systems, overhead crane scale or axle weigher you need, AND the expertise you need to get the job done. We also offer on-site set-up, training, and support. Contact us today whether you need 1 scale or 20.
Scales & weighing equipment rentals


Abest Scale Company has been servicing the greater Chicago-land area for over 50 years, offering scale repairs, sales, service, and rentals of quality industrial weighing equipment for a wide variety of industries. See some of our recent projects below.

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Whatever your needs may be, whether you are weighing or measuring micro grams or tons, feathers or bricks, need new equipment or maintenance of existing scales, contact Abest Scale Company today to experience the very best in service and support.

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Abest Scale Company has been servicing the greater Chicago-land area for over 50 years, offering scale repairs, sales, service, and rentals of quality industrial weighing equipment for a wide variety of industries. We are owned and operated by experienced, quality service technicians, dedicated to providing our customers with the service and solutions they need. Abest Scale Company is certified by the State of Illinois & City of Chicago
Certified Weights and Measures.

Don't get red-tagged!! Abest Scale Company and all of our technicians are registered and certified by The State Of Illinois Bureau of Weights and Measures. All scales used in trade and commerce need to be certified and sealed by a registered service agent. Without this seal, the city or state inspectors can take the device out of service and you could be subject to fines and/or penalties. Call us today to make sure you are in compliance, or to get back in business. Contact us today to learn more!

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